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Programming for non-programmers…

We are currently accepting beta customers for our new rapid prototyping product, ThinkFlow.

ThinkFlow makes it easier to spend more time with your data and less time coding, whether you are a professional whose spreadsheets are creaking under the weight of data, an experienced engineer who needs a faster route to prototype, or a data scientist who just wants to code less and explore data more.

Built on a hyper-scalable platform, ThinkFlow can help you to explore your data, test hypotheses and build scalable applications in hours, rather than days. It is designed to be the ideal platform to enable your organisation to radically reduce the cost and risk of innovation.

We are currently running a series of free Innovation Beta Bootcamps to roadtest a new approach for organisations to solve their innovation gap. Sign up below if you would like to take part

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Product Value Engineering

We have decades of experience helping businesses identify precisely what your customers really value about your services and products. Our robust methodologies will give you the data you need to make the right product roadmap decisions and to be certain that what you are investing in is needed. Click below to find out more.


Data and API as a Service

Need to integrate emerging technologies into your product? Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, speech interfaces, blockchain, cloud systems, process automation and data transform – our visual innvoation platform allows companies to easily integrate new technologies into the organisation at the lowest possible cost.


Innovation as a Service

Not sure how to move forward? The pace of technological change recently has been unprecedented. We have been at the forefront of these developments for decades. Whether edge computing, cloud, blockchain, open source security or ecotech products we have the experience and insight to help you work out how to innovate effectively and where to look.


Cloud Architecture

Should your technology be much faster and more resilient? Do you believe, as we do, that the web is the platform. We get cloud and we get the web. Our team have built cloud services and web applications for some of the largest companies in the world. Talk to us to find out how we can help you to re-engineer your services for more resilience, scalability and cost reduction.


What do we do?

We help organisations to innovate. We identify opportunities and build new services using practical applications of Ai and other emerging technologies.  We can help you to find ways to improve interaction and communication with your customers, and to distribute expertise and knowledge within your organisation more effectively.


Innovation as a Service

Our team have decades of experience in identifiying and building new technology products and services. Combined with our Rapid Prototyping Platform we can help you to find a way to explore new routes to innovation at much reduced cost and and risk.

Our key areas of consulting expertise are in company culture, value chain analysis, educational technology, financial risk management, documentation and policy creation support, cloud engineering and technical product development. Our technical skillset includes: edge computing, cloud deployment and solutions architecture, blockchain, RISC5, hardware design, open source hardware and software, security penetration testing and audit, ecotech, clustering and creating Software as a Service platforms. Learn More

Data Integration and Apis as a Service

Integrating new data sources, APIs, Ai, ML and Big Data sources into a system can be frustratingly tricky. We have the know-how, and the technology platform, to be able to help make this process much faster and much mroe robust.

Our projects include: integrating speech activated interfaces to post-operative medical support systems, graphical programming interfaces for non-programmers to speech technologies, use of Ai in education to automate marking, blockchain internet infrastructure and building web database applications for vehicle sales, agritech data transformation and display, tensorflow and data science integrations, statistical services as an API, building API definitions and endpoints. Get in touch to discuss your needs. LEARN MORE

Solutions through teamwork

We are lucky to have partnerships with some of Europe and South East Asia’s most innovative tech companies.

Xelpmoc Technology

Xelpmoc is one of our key partners in ai, machine learning and data analytics. An amazing team of engineers we feel privileged to have as part of our team


Product Development: Managing the launch of a new product range and company for a blockchain internet infrastructure company


Professional services: advising an edtech company on the development of new automated marking technology and its licensing


Our Team

Our team have decades of experience in developing software, hardware and products

Dan Leighton

Product and emerging technologies

An incisive technologist, with over 25 years of experience in internet, cloud and educational and product development. His particular expertise is in smoothing the interface between technologists and commercial teams.

David Stoughton

Business value and process

A vastly experienced business consultant and MBA. David has a unique expertise in identifying true value in a business. He has worked with technologies that radically change customer behaviour from the earliest days.

Luke Leighton

Software and  hardware

Over 30 years’ experience in software engineering. Spent the past decade, and successfully designing and launching the  world’s first eco-tech modular computer. Currently designing a chip to run open source RISC5…

Sandeep Arora

Finance and Risk Management

A senior risk professional and chartered accountant, with more than 20 years’ experience for top-tier financial organisations, latterly in senior positions with the Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and JP Morgan.

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